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We know everyone are specials, and their requirement will be different, someone need full support on accounting, bookkeeping and report, but someone just need monitoring.

Select from below your requirement, we can Taylor made everything that fit for you

Complete Accounts Management

We will manage your complete business accounting, VAT , and report you on time. We Collect the documents on a periodic basis and Record the transactions. We Analyse, summaries and prepare the required reports. also we manage your VAT by submiting the return on time and keeping the records.

Complete VAT Accounts Management

It is compulsory from the Government to maintain the books of accounts. We Collect the documents on a periodic basis and Record the transactions related to VAT. We Analyze, summaries and prepare the reports required for VAT and submit VAT return. Also we provide Tax Advices

Accounts Supervision and Internal Audit

Maintaining business accounting in a professional manner is done only through an experienced qualified professional team of accountants. But the cost of a qualified professional accountant is high.

VAT Audit and Administration

FTA can audit your VAT return submitted any time, but if they found any mistakes in the submitted VAT return or couldn’t match the records, then FTA may charge penalties.

Internal Audit

Internal Audit evaluate a companies Accounting Process. They ensure compliance with the laws and regulation and help to maintain accurate and timely financial reporting.

CFO Services

Chief Financial Officer is the watch dog of the companies finance. He deciding where we are going to invest and he should efficiently manage the companies working capital. We offer the CFO Service with minimum cost

Product, Service or Project Costing

The Costing plays an important roll in every organization with in the decision making process. The inaccurate costing leads to a failure of complete process. Here we are offering the costing of a product, service, job and anticipated costs as well.

Target and Break Even Calculation

Know about the Break Even is important in decision making. Based on these calculation you can estimate your sales and go ahead with the sales promotions.

Accounts Implementation & Training

Proper implementation of accounting system is necessary for the smooth running of the business. What to record, How To Record, which software to be used, when to record and all of these type of questions is related to Accounts implementation. We will provide you a complete study about the business and choose a best option for your business.